Equipment List: Clinics

Use this equipment list is for the following Clinics: Steep Snow Climbing, Crevasse Rescue – 1 or 2 day, Glacier Travel, Anchors and Belay, Glacier Ice Climbing, Ski Mountaineering.

You must have all the items on this list at your climber orientation regardless of season or forecast. Please call us if you have any questions. Your guide will not let you climb if you don’t have appropriate gear. Please arrive at your meet-time dressed for the activity. There will be time for questions and adjustments.


Personal Gear

  • Lunch/Snacks – 1 lb per day of a variety of tasty, high energy foods
  • Water Bottles – Two 1-liter bottles required. No bladders allowed for risk of freezing and/or breaking. (ex: Nalgene)
  • Sunglasses or Glacier Glasses – Should be high-quality, dark, large and fit snugly or have side-shields. (ex: Julbo Mountain Sunglasses)
  • Ski Goggles – Clear or light in color, in case of blowing snow. (ex: Julbo Goggles)
  • Sun Block – SPF 30 or higher
  • Lip Balm – SPF 15 or higher
  • Toilet Paper – Just in case! Blue bags will be available at most trailheads.
  • Headlamp – For alpine starts (ex: Petzl Headlamps)
  • Personal First Aid Kit – Moleskin, ibuprofen, aspirin, antacids, personal prescriptions, band-aids.

Technical Gear – required for all clinics

Technical Gear – See below for gear required on your specific clinic

Crevasse Rescue and/or Glacier Travel Clinic, add the following

  • 4’ loop of 6mm cord
  • 20’ loop of 6mm cord
  • 3 locking carabiners (ex: Petzl Attache)
  • 3 non-locking carabiners (ex: Petzl Spirit)
  • plate-style belay device

Anchors and Belay Clinic, add the following

Glacier Ice Climbing Clinic, add the following

  • Two ice tools – (leave the mountaineering axe at home!) (ex: Petzl Quark)
  • Vertical front-point crampons (preferred over horizontal front-points, but optional) (ex: Petzl Lynx)

Ski Mountaineering Clinic, add the following

  • Telemark skis, alpine touring skis or splitboard – please adjust your binding to your boots prior to the course. *Splitboards only allowed with hard boot setup on Mt Hood Summits Ski Descents
  • Touring ski boots / snowboard boots *Soft snowboard boots not allowed on Mt Hood Summit Ski Descents
  • Ski poles
  • Climbing skins – please cut your skins to match your skis prior to the course
  • Ski crampons – must be compatible with your touring binding, and ski width *Required for all Mt Hood Summit Ski Descents
  • Avalanche transceiver – must have good batteries
  • Avalanche Shovel 
  • Avalanche probe 
  • Ski helmet