Crevasse Rescue Clinic

Length:1 day
Price:Private Clinics:

1 climber $575
2 $395 per climber
3 $355 per climber
4 $295 per climber
Dates:Custom dates are available in May and June
Location:Mount Hood

If you’re planning on traveling in glaciated terrain you should be familiar with the basics of crevasse rescue.  The rope systems for crevasse rescue look complicated and daunting, but we are here to break them down into manageable pieces. Throughout the day, your guide will build up your skillset until you have all the tools you need to pull someone out of a crack.

Your guide will introduce C-pulley systems and Z-pulleys. Not only will we learn them, but we’ll connect them together. Your guide will show you when and how to back up the system. We’ll also focus on pre-rigging our rope systems during glacier travel to make it simple to transition into a crevasse rescue. Additionally, we’ll talk about basic glacier travel, and how to read the terrain to avoid falling into crevasses, when possible. Students should have a solid understanding of snow anchors, knots, and hitches before entering this clinic.

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Crevasse Rescue Clinic

Mount Hood

This crevasse rescue clinic is designed to introduce you to the range of techniques for executing a crevasse rescue. From simple team-hauls, to complex mechanical advantage systems – this course will give you the fundamental skills. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to practice, though we recommend that climbers arrive comfortable with basic friction hitches and knots to get the most out of the day.

Elevation:This clinic is conducted between 6,000 and 7,000 feet above sea-level
Skill Level:Entry-level
CrevasseRescue- Mtn

"I am very happy with my TMG experience. The guides were professional, personable, and extremely concerned about safety. . . I absolutely give highest marks to these guys. If you don't have much Alpine experience, or just want the security of seasoned veterans guiding you up this mountain, then I strongly recommend you sign up with them. Thanks, guys, for a great experience!!"

George C
Highland, UT

"What a fantastic experience gaining the summit of a mountain we've gazed on from Portland for 25 years! . . . We learned a great deal, had a ton of fun, felt in very capable hands, and had the reward of summiting on a beautiful clear day. The value of being with a professional, certified, guide and guiding organization was evident throughout. Kudos to the TMG team who were responsive, supportive, and fun to work with every step of the way."

Malcolm C
Portland, OR

"We booked 2-day overnight program on Mt. Hood with Timberline Mountain Guides. Our guides were great, . . super friendly and reputable. The program did not go as planned due to inclement weather but we still had fun and good experience. The guides were definitely flexible and provided guidance during the trip. I would recommend going with them if it's your first climbing trip on Mt. Hood for sure."

Portland, OR

Skill Series

Next Steps

  • The Coleman-Deming on Mount Baker is a great first big glacier climb
  • The Sulphide Glacier on Mount Shuksan is a great first big glacier climb
  • Combine this clinic with an alpine rock program and you have the skills needed for the Fisher Chimneys
  • Combine this clinic with ice climbing experience, and you have the skills needed to climb the North Ridge of Mount Baker

Know Before You Go

  • Climbers must be comfortable with a variety of snow anchors, or join us in an anchors and belay clinic prior to this course
  • Climbers should be comfortable with friction hitches and basic climbing knots prior to this course
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