Anchors and Belay for Steep Snow Climbs

Length:1 day
Price:Private Clinics:

1 climber $575
2 $395 per climber
3 $355 per climber
4 $295 per climber
5 $275 per climber
6 $250 per climber
Dates:Custom dates are available in May and June
Location:South Side of Mount Hood

Our alpine climbing skills courses are designed to introduce techniques that will help you take on bigger, steeper objectives. Anchors and Belay for Steep Snow is a great next step for any individual looking to build a solid foundation of technical mountaineering skills.

Protecting Exposed Terrain

Often, the 3rd and 4th class sections of snow and rock are the most challenging part of alpine climbing. These sections often require the protection of a rope, but also dictate quicker movement and knowledge of a range of anchor systems. In the alpine environment, there is an emphasis on moving through terrain efficiently. Solid, but quick, anchors are one key to accomplishing that goal.

Movement and Efficiency

During this alpine climbing skills course, we will cover more advanced movement for climbing steeper and more challenging routes.  Participants will be exposed to more aggressive crampon techniques as well as ice axe positioning for steep snow. During this course you will build and evaluate several types of alpine anchors.We will provide you with a foundation of alpine climbing skills that can be used on more advanced guided objectives, and on simpler objectives that you may decide to take on independently.

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Anchors and Belaying

South Side of Mount Hood

This clinic is designed to help you build technical alpine climbing skills alongside a guide, who can help you refine your technique and introduce new skills. In this clinic we focus on a variety of snow anchors, and use a range of tools. You will learn to match the anchor to the conditions, the climbing difficulty, as well as the available tools and terrain.

Educational clinics are intended to prepare you to independently explore climbs within your ability level. Taking this course will also prepare you to take on more advanced guided objectives.

Elevation:This clinic is conducted between 6,000 and 7,000 feet above sea-level
Skill Level:Entry-level
AnchorsandBelay- Mtn

"I am very happy with my TMG experience. The guides were professional, personable, and extremely concerned about safety. . . I absolutely give highest marks to these guys. If you don't have much Alpine experience, or just want the security of seasoned veterans guiding you up this mountain, then I strongly recommend you sign up with them. Thanks, guys, for a great experience!!"

George C
Highland, UT

"What a fantastic experience gaining the summit of a mountain we've gazed on from Portland for 25 years! . . . We learned a great deal, had a ton of fun, felt in very capable hands, and had the reward of summiting on a beautiful clear day. The value of being with a professional, certified, guide and guiding organization was evident throughout. Kudos to the TMG team who were responsive, supportive, and fun to work with every step of the way."

Malcolm C
Portland, OR

"We booked 2-day overnight program on Mt. Hood with Timberline Mountain Guides. Our guides were great, . . super friendly and reputable. The program did not go as planned due to inclement weather but we still had fun and good experience. The guides were definitely flexible and provided guidance during the trip. I would recommend going with them if it's your first climbing trip on Mt. Hood for sure."

Portland, OR

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  • Climbers should be comfortable with basic mountaineering skills, or plan to take our Steep Snow Climbing Course before joining this program. Both can be combined into a two-day “skill series.”
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