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We believe that climbing and skiing in the mountain inspires us, exposes us to beautiful natural wonders, and creates bonds between people that transcends daily life. Timberline Mountain Guides is owned, run and staffed by professional guides who value training and education for your guided mountain adventures.

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Types of Guided Trips


Steep snow and alpine-ice routes that require a rope, and sometimes a second ice-axe.


Mixed routes have a bit of everything; climbing water-ice, rock, snow and complex glaciers.


Alpine rock climbs of all difficulties. Routes often follow ridgelines and have long approaches.


Glacier climbs that require crevasse navigation, rope-teams and rescue skills.



Skiing is the main objective of the day, or a significant part of the descent.

Mt Hood


Standing 11,239 feet above the mighty Columbia River, Oregon’s highest peak is a great location to learn and practice basic alpine climbing techniques. It's also a great place to return as your skills develop. Many local climbers take advantage of the easy access to attempt advanced routes with relatively light day-packs.


Fundamental Skills for Mountain Travel

Building the skills to travel in the mountains takes time. Climbing with a skilled mentor speeds up that process. Our guides can help you develop your confidence and refine your knowledge.


Peaks of the Pacific Northwest

Volcanoes and granite-towers dominate the skyline. Glaciers and rivers carve the valleys. Huge trees shade the approaches. Come see what climbing in the Cascades is all about.