East Ridge

The East Ridge of Forbidden Peak starts with a strenuous approach and is rewarded by great climbing with tons of exposure and a dramatic summit.

This climb is typically done as a multi-day trip to the area while climbing several other objectives in the Boston Basin area.  The first day will entail a approach of several hours before we gain the East Ridge proper.  Once on the ridge climbers will encounter a handful of pitches of good rock climbing never exceeding 5.8 in difficulty.  The climbing on the ridge passes several gendarmes and provides the climber with plenty of time to take in the exposure beneath your feet.  After enjoying the summit of Forbidden peak we will begin our technical descent of the West Ridge, entailing multiple rappels and some serious down climbing. In this way, we complete a traverse of the peak from East to West!

Washington Cascades
Summer, Fall

1 climber – $1,275
2 climbers – $825 per person

Trip Length: 
3 days
Trip Dates: 
Dates after July 9 are available on request.

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