South Sister Hike

After mid summer the trail up South Sister is fairly free of snow and the climb becomes one of the most beautiful hikes in Oregon and is a yearly trip for many Oregonians. Strewn with wildflowers and skirting big glaciers the views are ample reward for the long and strenuous day.

We’ll start our day at the Devils Lake trail head and hike through large trees as  we approach the south side of South Sister.  We’ll pass by both the Lewis and Clark Glaciers before reaching the 10,358 foot summit.

Climbers should be prepared for a long 8 – 10 hour day covering 5,ooo feet of elevation gain in about 6 miles.


We are able to schedule this program Mondays- Thursdays only! 

Oregon Cascades
Summer, Fall

1 climber – $425
2 climbers – $225

3 climbers – $175

4 climbers – $150

5 climbers – $125

6 climbers – $100

Trip Length: 
1 day
Trip Dates: 
Dates arranged on a custom basis.

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