Sunshine Route

The Sunshine Route on Mount Hood is a great mid-season objective on the north side of the mountain.  The Sunshine Route has a remote feel to it, as compared to some of the south side routes. The lack of chair-lifts, dramatic glaciers as well as ice falls all create a perfect big mountain setting.  The two day climb will start with an approach from the cloud cap campground on the north side of Mount Hood, as we head up through trees and eventually above tree line, where we’ll establish a high base camp between 7600 and 8200 feet.  On day two we’ll break camp early and set out across the Eliot Glacier.  The Sunshine Route will treat the climber to several steep pitches of snow.  After taking in the views from the summit we will descend one of the south side routes as we return back to Timberline Lodge.  Climbers must be prepared for sustained climbing while carrying a overnight pack.  The Sunshine Route is a great climb for the experienced climber combining steep snow climbing with glacier travel.

Oregon Cascades

1 climber – $900
2 climbers – $820

Trip Length: 
2 days
Trip Dates: 
Dates arranged on a custom basis.

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