Introduction to Crevasse Rescue

If you’re planning on traveling in glaciated terrain you should be familiar with the basics of crevasse rescue.  The systems and knots for crevasse rescue can look and seem complicated and a daunting skill to understand.  In this one day introduction course we will break down and introduce the C pulley systems, Z pulley systems, and combinations of the two. We’ll focus on the rescue of a crevasse victim, and actually run through the full spectrum of what can happen, culminating with a rescue simulation. Remember, students should have a solid fundamental understanding of snow anchors before entering this course as well as a basic understanding on knots and hitches.

Oregon Cascades
Spring, Summer

2+ climbers – $240

1 climber – $360


Trip Length: 
1 day
Trip Dates: 
Custom dates/private guides are available on request:

2018 dates:
June 23
July 14

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