Coe Glacier Icefall

Coe Glacier Icefall features great late season glacier ice climbing on the pristine North side of Mount Hood.  While we will not make a summit attempt during our climb of the Coe Glacier Icefall it is for the experienced ice/alpine climber.   The Coe Glacier Icefall challenges the climber with several pitches of very steep to vertical glacier ice.  Our approach will be via the Cloud Cap campground and climb up to the Eliot glacier where we’ll setup camp.  The next day will be spent swinging ice tools as we climb the Coe Glacier Icefall.

This climb features very steep glacier ice requiring two technical ice tools.  Climbers who wish to join us on the Coe Glacier Icefall should have previous vertical ice climbing experience. It can be difficult to find this climb in just the right condition, so its best to consult our office for current conditions.


Oregon Cascades

1 climber – $900
2 climbers – $820 per person

Trip Length: 
2 days
Trip Dates: 
Dates arranged on a custom basis.

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