Miles Britton

Miles Britton was raised along the Central Coast of California. Here he started to backpack with family and friends at a young age. Miles was lucky to be apart of a great group of Boy Scouts, and to have family to follow down the ski hill or up a climb. Through scouting he learned to tie knots, was introduced to rock climbing and other backcountry skills, and made great connections with the wilderness. He attended UC Davis in Northern California, where he worked as a backpacking and rock climbing instructor in the Sierra. Miles then joined the staff of Timberline Mountain Guides in 2015, first as an intern on Mt. Hood, before working with the office crew in Bend, OR. Miles is a climber, skier, and trail runner with year-round experiences in the American West. Miles is also a young-adult cancer survivor, who worked hard to be able to access the outdoors. He is eager to learn from the perspectives of others, and share in experiences in mountainous environments.