Start to build a solid foundation of alpine skills, or take the skills you have to the next level with our one day alpine skills courses. Our guides will give you the tools you need to start your climbing career or take on your next big objective.

Introduction to Glacier Ice Climbing

Summer, Fall | 1 day

If you have some steep snow climbs under your belt and are looking to take on moderate to steep ice routes in the mountains, this course is designed for you.  In this two day introductory course we will cover the fundamentals of using two technical ice tools as well as    …trip details

Steep Snow Climbing

Winter, Spring, Summer | 1 day

This is the perfect introduction course for those wanting to learn proper techniques for climbing steep snow in the mountains.  We will spend the day learning about and practicing different footwork suitable for the terrain, climbing in balance and proper use of ice axe and    …trip details

Anchors and Belaying for Advanced Snow Climbing

Spring, Summer | 1 day

Designed to introduce the skills climbers need for taking on steeper and bigger objectives. Our Anchors and Belaying course is a great next steep for the individual looking to build a solid foundation of technical mountaineering skills.  During the course we will cover more    …trip details

Introduction to Crevasse Rescue

Spring, Summer | 1 day

If you're planning on traveling in glaciated terrain you should be familiar with the basics of crevasse rescue.  The systems and knots for crevasse rescue can look and seem complicated and a daunting skill to understand.  In this one day introduction course we will break    …trip details

Glacier Tour

Spring, Summer | 1 day

Join us for an amazing day of exploring some of the main glaciers and their many crevasses’ on Mount Hood. Depending on conditions we may visit the Reid Glacier, Eliot Glacier or the White River Glacier.  Your guide will lead you through the surreal landscape created by the    …trip details

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