Multi-Day Alpine Skills Courses

Looking for more? Timberline Mountain Guides offers multi-day alpine skills courses for those who are looking to develop solid climbing skills and a better understanding of technical skills needed for tackling bigger climbing objectives. Join us for a couple days of instruction, we have multi-day day courses suited for the beginner to the advanced climber.

Four Day Alpine Climbers Seminar

Summer | 4 days

Want to have your cake and eat it too?  This four day program takes place from a basecamp on either the South or North side of Mt. Hood depending on the time of year and conditions.  During this skill-intensive four day program we will cover our Steep Snow Climbing Course,    …trip details

Four Day Mixed Alpine Climbers Seminar

Summer, Fall | 4 days

Our four day trip to Boston Basin or Eldorado is recommended for people who want to experience the full gamut of classic alpine climbing. Both areas have a number of peaks and routes such as Sharkfin Tower, Sahale Peak, Dorado Needle and the well known Forbidden Peak.    …trip details

Alpine Rock Program

Summer, Fall | 2 days

Alpine rock climbing takes you to summits far off the beaten path of typical cragging areas. It involves moving quickly over 4th and low-5th class rock, and employs a rope for short belays and steep sections. Alpine climbing typically provides a more solitary experience in    …trip details

Summer Glacier Ice Climbing Course

Summer, Fall | 2 days

This course is offered for climbers who are interested in more instruction and more time practicing steep and vertical ice climbing techniques including a variety of crampon techniques and when to implement them as well as different ice tool techniques and positions.In    …trip details

Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue

Summer, Fall | 2 days

Sometimes, one day is just not enough! This is especially true for the many complexities of glacier travel and crevasse rescue techniques. This course is strongly suggested for those climbers who are considering tackling bigger climbs that involve glacier travel. In our    …trip details

Late-Season Glacier Climbing

Summer, Fall | 3 days

This three day seminar is suited for those who are strictly interested in establishing a solid foundation of skills for alpine climbing while enjoying the dramatic north side of Mount Hood.On the first day of this three day program, we'll hike in, cross the Elliot    …trip details

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