Climbing Mt Rainier

Emmons Glacier

For the last eight years, TMG Inc. has applied for, and been awarded a one-time commercial use authorization for Mt. Rainier National Park. We have received approval of our 2016-2017 permit from the National Park Service, for our annual climb up Mt. Rainier via the Emmons Glacier Route.

Our trip will begin outside the park on Sunday where we will meet for an afternoon meeting, gear check and pre-climb briefing. The following day we will head in to the White River trailhead and our goal for the day will be to climb to Glacier Basin Camp at approximately 6,000 feet. Day two should bring us to about 9400′ at Camp Shurman. We have allocated Day three as our first chance to summit, but we also have Day four as well. We will plan to hike out on Day five. We feel that a five day climb will give us the best chance for proper acclimatization in order to succeed on a climb of this magnitude.

Washington Cascades

$2250 per person

*Limited to participants who have climbed with us in the past.

Trip Length: 
5 days
Trip Dates: 
July 16-21, 2017
*Meet at 3pm on July 16

Bookings for 2017 will begin on February 1st.

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