Easton Glacier, Mount Baker

Easton Glacier

This is a relatively low-angled route on mountain, and its greatest challenge is crevasse navigation.  It’s a great climb for folks who enjoy traveling in big glacier country on one of the snowiest mountains in the lower 48.

For this climb we will start  out hiking along the Park Butte trail as we climb up towards the end of the Easton Glacier.  The first day will total about 3000 feet of elevation gain in about five miles.  We will be up and moving before the sun comes up, setting out from camp as we climb the Easton Glacier, pass the Sherman Crater vents and eventually onto the summit of Mt. Baker.  Our descent will follow our line of ascent, heading back to the comfort of camp.  On day three we will break camp and begin our hike back out to the trail head.

Washington Cascades
Summer, Fall

1 climber – $1,275
2+ climbers – $825 per person

Trip Length: 
3 days
Trip Dates: 
Dates after July 9 are available on request.

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