Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue

Sometimes, one day is just not enough! This is especially true for the many complexities of glacier travel and crevasse rescue techniques. This course is strongly suggested for those climbers who are considering tackling bigger climbs that involve glacier travel.┬áIn our one day course, we are often able to cover some of the basics of crevasse rescue, but in the two day course, we’ll have ample opportunity to refine techniques and have plenty of chances to practice. We’ll also be able to go more in depth for roping systems and routefinding on glaciers and in glaciated terrain.

Oregon Cascades
Spring, Summer, Fall

1 climber – $850
2+ climbers – $550 per person

Trip Length: 
2 days
Trip Dates: 
June 24-25, 2017

Custom dates are available on request.

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