Mt. Rainier 14,411'

Mt. Rainier is a large and complex climb suitable for climbers with significant previous experience. We offer one of the best ratios of any guide service on Mt. Rainier for this climb. We are offering a small group climb of the Emmons Glacier, in a longer than normal trip. This gives us a chance to review skills, assures good acclimatization, and allows flexibility for bad weather. Given the effort required to get into position to summit Mt. Rainier, we feel that this approach works best.

Emmons Glacier

Summer | 5 days

For the last eight years, TMG Inc. has applied for, and been awarded a one-time commercial use authorization for Mt. Rainier National Park. We have received approval of our 2016-2017 permit from the National Park Service, for our annual climb up Mt. Rainier via the Emmons    …trip details

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